Is hyge really flushable?

95% of sewer issues (such as “fatbergs”) and clogging are caused explicitly by non-flushable materials such as: hand towels, tissues, napkins, baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, and household cleaning wipes. Our wipes comply with the strictest flushability requirements and biodegrade at the fastest possible rate. Hyge wipes won’t be contributing to these septic issues.

Turbulence during the toilet flush pulls apart the cellulose fibers in the wipe immediately. They begin to break apart ensuring that no clogs are caused from the wipe. Just like regular toilet paper however, misusing this product by overloading the toilet will certainly cause issues. Full biodegradation of any remaining cellulose fibers can occur within 48 hours to 15 days depending on the conditions.

How can you purchase HYGE?

Hyge will initially only be available for online purchase or subscription. However, retail release will shortly follow in major stores nationwide as well as via monthly subscription.

is this safe for daily use?

Hyge is encouraged to be used on a daily basis. It is far better for your health than traditional toilet paper. Making the switch to hyge for daily use will lead to reduced incidence of hemorrhoids and other hygiene related issues.

Is this safe for babies?

Yes! We didn’t design our ingredients and materials strictly for adults. Using Hyge on your baby is a far more economic and environmentally friendly choice than traditional wipes which need to be discarded in the waste basket. Hyge is safe and encouraged for use on babies.

How is this more eco-friendly?

Single use plastics negatively affect the environment . Far more than any reusable or recyclable plastics. Any plastics recycled will continue to contribute a reduced eco-footprint. The Hyge container will not end up in landfills as every componant is 100% recyclable. Furthermore, we have designed Hyge with refill-ability in mind. We will be releasing a future version of the Hyge that allows for refilling the outer shell with a new insert without the need to discard the outer packaging.

What is the cost compared to TP?

One wipe of hyge is equivalent to seven wipes of traditional toilet paper. Hyge is very economical while still providing increased cleanliness. Per unit cost is less or equal to existing wipes on the market. Hyge will offer considerably more wipes per unit due to the efficiencies gained in the ‘rolling’ of the wipes.

Is HYGE hypoallergenic?

Hyge contains only natural ingredients and is therefore completely hypoallergenic.

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