Do you trust what everyone claims? Of course, you don’t, and you shouldn’t. It is no surprise that big companies make grand (and often false) claims about their products just to entice some customers to purchase it. Stretching the truth has seemingly become a common practice among many companies. The converted paper products manufacturing industry is among them, we are specifically talking about sanitary wipes.

sanitary wipe

Wipes are often mislabeled as “flushable” when in reality, they are not able to break down after they are flushed. In a test done by Ryerson Urban Water, out of 101 single-use products, none of them were able to disperse safely through the sewer system despite 23 of them being labeled as “flushable.” This epidemic is choking America right where we can’t see it: our pipes.

People hold the misconception that if it is just one or two wipes here and there it won’t hurt anyone. However, that “one or two” wipes is often from multiple people in multiple households all for one sewer system to dispose of. A sewer system can quickly become clogged by wipes containing plastic like polypropylene which takes a long time to degrade. This ultimately means problems not only for households, but municipal infrastructure costing millions of dollars each year to remove these blockages. Who is going to pay for this? You already know the answer to this, you do! Through plumber bills or inflated water bills, you are going to pay for what is happening to your pipes.

flushing a toilet

What you can do about “flushable” wipes…

  • Stop flushing these wipes that won’t degrade
  • Educate yourself about better options
  • Spread the word of the issues that this can cause in your community
  • Don’t support these products that are not safe for the sewer system
  • Get a product that is actually flushable… like hyge.


The hyge rolls are moisturized just as a wet wipe would be, but it does not contain all of the bad plastic that causes these flushability issues. It is 100% biodegradable because it is made out of non-woven paper. Hyge follows the strictest flushability requirements and biodegrades at the fastest possible rate meaning it will not be contributing to any of the blockage issues. The turbulence of the toilet pulls the cellulose fibers apart immediately and ensuring that no clogs result. The wipe is sturdy enough to stay together in your hands and through the cleaning process, but once it’s time to go, it’s gone. Do your part in maintaining your sewer system and get hyge to keep you and the sewers clean.

Watch this video about it the sewer problem…