Toilet Paper Alternatives

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“Toilet paper is unhygienic, chaffing, contains zero cleansing ingredients, and isn’t very effective at cleaning.”
Traditional toilet paper isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. It’s unhygienic, chaffing, contains sero cleansing ingredients, and isn’t very effective at cleaning  your behind. This has left a lot of people searching for more hygienic and convenient ways to wipe. Here’s the breakdown of the four most promising alternatives:

Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are definitely the most popular toilet paper alternative. Still, wet wipes have some serious downsides like flush-ability and appearance.

What Works:

  • They do a better job at cleaning and require a much gentler wipe than traditional toilet paper. That means less chafing and a more thorough clean (as long as safe ingredients are used).
  • These wipes typically come in boxes that fit in your bag or on top of your toilet, which makes them a great toilet paper solution when you need relief on-the-go.

What Doesn’t:

  • Because these products are often made with plastic and synthetic fibers, they aren’t fully biodegradable. That means you can’t safely flush them without putting your plumbing (and the planet) at risk.
  • Worse yet, some of them contain surprisingly harsh chemicals and fragrances, so they might cause irritation where you wipe.

Washable Fabric Toilet Paper

It looks like reusable wipes are a bit too taboo to gain public acceptance, but they’ve become a popular trend among penny pinchers and eco-conscious consumers. That said, reusable wipes are unhygienic and hard to keep clean.

What Works:

  • As you can imagine, washable wipes are very cost-effective. After your initial investment, you never have to buy them again.
  • Since you only have to buy these once, you can cut back on waste and deforestation, so they’re great for the environment too.

What Doesn’t:

  • You’ll have to wash them frequently with hot water and disinfectants, which can become a hassle and a slight financial downside.
  • Even if you wash them thoroughly, dinginess and permanent stains are inevitable.
  • There’s also the problem of cross contamination. Using the same (or improperly cleaned) towels can lead to infection and illness.
  • Of course, these toilet paper alternatives aren’t ideal for guests, so you should always keep a spare roll handy.


Bidets use streams of water to help you clean up. Though a traditional bidet is a freestanding unit, some are integrated into toilets while others come as attachable kits. 

Bidet’s still run into a few problems like cost and lack of cleansing ingredients.
What Works:
  • Bidets are more hygienic than using toilet paper with your hands.
  • Since they don’t require rubbing dry tissue on your under carriage, you shouldn’t experience any irritation or chaffing.
  • There are also portable bidets out there, but they still need a bit of setting up.

What Doesn’t:

  • They aren’t the most cost-effective alternative to toilet paper. Though you can buy attachable bidets for under $100, if you’re looking to buy a toilet with an integrated bidet, expect to pay a lot more.
  • You might still need to use toilet paper to dry off afterward.
  • Since the water stream contains no cleansing ingredients, you won’t be cleaning yourself as thoroughly as you might think.

Toilet Paper Spray

Toilet paper spray is a relatively new alternative to traditional toilet paper. It has some promise (when used under the correct conditions!)

What Works:
  • Toilet paper spray is easy to use. You simply spray normal toilet paper with it to increase its cleansing properties.
  • The smaller bottles are easy to carry around.
  • If you only spray it on toilet paper, then it’s safely flushable.

What Doesn’t:

  • It won’t save the day if you run out of toilet paper in a public bathroom.
  • It’s surprisingly expensive for it’s simple ingredients and small size.
  • Not all toilet paper will hold up well when sprayed. Tearing and ripping can be an issue.

Hyge Wipes

Hyge wipes are taking toilet paper into the 21st century. They are hands down the best Toilet paper alternative with their, convenience, all-natural ingredients and cost effectiveness.
What Works:
  • These are stylish, sustainable, and all-natural cleaning wipes that fit right onto your toilet paper holder.
  • You don’t have to worry about hiding baby wipes boxes when you have guests over.
  • Hyge wipes are made of 100% non-woven paper (no plastic), you can flush them without worrying about causing clogging pipes or harming the environment.

What Doesn’t:

  • A roll of Hyge wipes won’t be as cheap as a roll of traditional toilet paper, but here’s the catch: one wipe of Hype is equivalent to 7 wipes of traditional toilet paper. So, it’s actually a cost-effective alternative with a superior clean.

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